Perx' Hideout!

What's on your mind?

Heiya! Welcome to my hideout.

Name's Perx and I'm gonna guide you through my simple, retro, ads-free self-acknowledgement path.
Hey! Thanks for the 1k views on Neocities! I'll try adding things around to make a comfy, nice space for you guys!
What can I do for you? Any fave flavour of tea? Any other beverage? Maybe something animated? Some piece of music? Perhaps some random, (hopefully) interesting thought? I gotta say, this is quite better than social medias!

Lemme know! Share your opinion, I've got a small chatbox right there for you to say anything nice you'd like to, so go ahead!


Good burger

"At least the four of them are safe at last. AM will be all the madder for that. It makes me a little happier. And yet ... AM has won, simply ... he has taken his revenge ... I have no mouth. And I must scream."